Special Populations Committee

The GCRAC Special Populations Committee is focused on the standards of care and treatment protocols for special populations such as pediatrics, geriatrics, bariatrics, psychiatric and obstetrics.  With review of the specific needs of these populations, the committee makes recommendations for care in the region based upon national, state-wide and local standards.  The committee also assists with the development  educational offerings, injury prevention programs and performance improvement projects related to these populations.

Trauma in Pregnancy: PDF available from UT Health San Antonio

Pediatric Resources:

American Academy of Pediatricshttp://www.aap.org/

Child Welfare Information Gateway:  www.childwelfare.gov – for tip sheets, facebook, PSA information on child abuse awareness

PEPP: http://www.peppsite.com/ (Pediatric Education for Prehospital Professionals)

Pediatric Inter Facility Transfer Resource (from ENA, EMSC, STN): pediatric-inter-facility-transfer-toolkit

Safe Kids Worldwide Injury Prevention resource: www.safekids.org

Geriatric Resources:

American Geriatrics Society: http://www.americangeriatrics.org/

ACS TQIP Geriatric Trauma Management Guidelines: geriatric_guide_tqip_20130109

National Eye Institutewww.nei.nih.gov for information on health vision in the elderly population

TETAF Geriatric Resources: http://tetaf.org/resources

Mental Health Resources:

Mental Health Texas: https://mentalhealthtx.org/ (Mental Health Resources in Texas-Tech Health and Human Services)

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: www.mentalhealth.gov (Resources for all age groups and for Veterans)

Texas Health and Human Services, “How to Get Help”:#mce_temp_url# (How to find mental health services in your area)

Texas Mental Health Rules and Statutes: #mce_temp_url# (for clinicians)

Gulf Bend Center: http://www.gulfbend.org/ 24-Hour Crisis Hotline: (877)SAFEGBC or (877) 723-3422 Mental Health and Substance Abuse Issues

Gulf Bend Center Consolidated Local Service Plan: gulf_bend_center_form_o_clsp__021516_final

National Alliance on Mental Illness: www.nami.org (for consumers of mental health services)

Suicide Awareness Voices of Educations (SAVE): www.save.org (Suicide awareness, education, and support)