Injury Prevention

All members of the GCRAC have a commitment to injury prevention.  The Injury Prevention Committee uses area, regional and state-wide data to determine injury prevention education and outreach needs. Data that has been obtained from the State Trauma Registry indicates that the top mechanisms of injury in Trauma Service Area S are Falls and Motor Vehicle Crashes.  Based upon those needs, the committee makes recommendations for injury prevention projects as well as plans, organizes and conducts injury prevention educational opportunities and outreach events. 

Please contact Holly Smith, LVN, Chairman of GCRAC Injury Prevention Committee, for more information:  361-788-6685 

GCRAC Injury Prevention Initiatives:

Fall Prevention Program:

Fall Prevention Power Point:  gcrac-fall-prevention-education

Home Safety Checklist:  fall-prevention-home-safety-checklist 

Program Evaluation Form:  elderly-falls-program-evaluation-form

Fall Prevention Brochure (need MS Publisher):  gcrac-preventing-falls-at-home

ATV Safety Program:

ATV Safety Power Point:  gcrac-atv-power-point 

ATV Safety Poster (from American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons & Orthopaedic Trauma Association):  2007_atv_4c_6875x10

ATV Safety Brochure (need MS Publisher):  atv-safety-brochure

ATV Safety Video (from Arkansas Children’s Hospital):  atv_spot_1

US Government Accountability Office report to Congressional Committees on ATV’s:  atv

Program Evaluation Form:  atv-program-evaluation-form

Distracted Driving Program:

Distracted Driver Power Point:  distractive-driver-power-point

Distracted Driver Poster (need MS Publisher):  distracted-driver-poster

Distracted Driver Brochure (need MS Publisher):  distracted-driver-brochure

TXDOT Distracted Driving Poster (18-wheeler English):  eighteen

TXDOT Distracted Driving Poster (18-wheeler Spanish):  eighteen_span

TXDOT Distracted Driving Poster (Motorcycle English):  motorcycle

National Safety Council Poster (Pull Over and Park):  poster_pulloverandpark

Program Evaluation Form:  distracted-driving-program-evaluation-form

Heat Stress Educational Information:

Heat Stress: different-types-of-heat-stress

Injury Prevention Resources:

 Safetylit Organization

ATV Injury Prevention Tips:  injury-prev-atv_tips

Kids and Cars Brochure:  injury-prev-kids-and-cars


American College of Surgeons

Emergency Nurses Association

 GETAC Injury Prevention Subcommittee Page:

Lavaca Medical Center

Lavaca Medical Center