General GCRAC Membership Qualifications:

General membership “in good standing” requires that the member reside in the six county area of Trauma Service Area-S  and be a:

  • Designated hospital representative
  • Designated EMS service representative
  • Physician involved in trauma care and acute care
  • Educational organization involved in trauma and acute care education
  • Service providing care to trauma victims
  • Registered First Responder organization who provides pre-hospital care


Dues will be assessed of each participating member on an annual basis and will be collected at the first GCRAC meeting of each calendar year.  The dues shall be as follows:

  • $500 per annum for Hospital Provider
  • $200 per annum for Pre-Hospital Provider
  • No dues for member services that do not charge for their services provided.


Membership “in good standing” requires:

  • Each GCRAC member shall have at least one representative serve on either the GCRAC Executive Committee, a Standing Committee, or an Ad-Hoc Committee as a contingency for membership.
  • Annual participation in the GCRAC Performance Improvement as demonstrated by providing at least 75% of the requested monthly data submission annually.

Although GCRAC members who do not charge for their services are not required to pay membership dues and are not required to participate in RAC committee’s, they ARE required to participate in the GCRAC Performance Improvement monthly data submission requirement and performance improvement initiatives.

Voting privileges and the Alternative Dispute Resolution process are further described in the GCRAC bylaws.