GCRAC System Plan and Bylaws

The GCRAC Trauma & Acute Care System plan is intended to be a useful document that meets the real-time needs of the GCRAC member stakeholders and associates.

The plan is an ongoing work in progress and will change and evolve as our system develops and evolves.  Input from GCRAC members and associates is welcomed and encouraged.  The overall goal is to make the plan a resource that serves the needs of the users.

GCRAC Bylaws:

2017 GCRAC BYLAWS (accepted by membership 05/2017): 2017-gcrac-bylaws

2018 GCRAC BYLAWS (to be reviewed and voted on by membership 09/2018): gcrac-bylaws-2018-draft1

Golden Crescent RAC System Plan:

GCRAC System Plan (accepted by membership 05/2017): 2016-gcrac-system-plan-920162

GCRAC System Plan (to be reviewed and voted on by membership 09/2018): gcrac-system-plan_2018-draft